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Life's Events

We are a Private Garden, Functions and Events Venue. Please be aware that we do not allow BYO Food and Beverages on the premises. This includes Private Picnics, Weddings, and Gatherings without written consent from management. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Welcome to Stonebridge Gardens

Celebrate your special occasion with us.

Stonebridge Gardens is a luxuriant botanical garden situated in the Palmwoods Hinterland suburb of the Sunshine Coast, which is committed to the cause of environmental sustainability. This tranquil location accommodates guests in search of a picturesque environment to commemorate significant events.

Stonebridge Gardens is situated on a vast expanse of 30 acres in the picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 

Stonebridge Gardens serves a purpose and is imbued with atmosphere as a location that encourages “Celebration of Life’s Events.” The location provides a tranquil and memorable atmosphere suitable for commemorating significant occasions such as marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, and life celebrations.

Eight distinct garden spaces comprise these firmly established gardens, each of which is maintained with the utmost care. Every garden provides a distinct atmosphere for any event, enabling patrons to select the ideal setting for their gathering.

Simultaneous Use and Privacy: Stonebridge Gardens is constructed to facilitate numerous gatherings at once. In order to maintain privacy and an intimate atmosphere, other events are kept separate while clients partake in their private celebrations. The concept of sustainability The emphasis at Stonebridge Gardens is on environmental values, which renders it a highly suitable option for individuals who value sustainability.

The abundant vegetation and natural environment foster a seamless fusion of festivity and environmental awareness.


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Reviews & Testimonials

Bronwyn Maynard
Bronwyn Maynard
Beck is amazing always looks after my allergies and the gardens are spectacular
Steve Aicher
Steve Aicher
Group of 35 - food was excellent, beautiful location and the management and staff were fantastic. Highly recommend!!
Heazle Shore
Heazle Shore
What a great place to celebrate a special occasion. The gardens are simply beautiful with walking paths. The food was great and the helpful service was outstanding. Highly recommend.
Dawn Bertram
Dawn Bertram
What an amazing place, hidden away at the back of Palmwoods. Amazing ambience and fresh delicious food. Staff were very helpful Highly recommend
Lincoln Thorne
Lincoln Thorne
Loved the beetles, it was a crack up and a service lady named leisy was a great waiter do recommend to everyone I know.
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